Beauty Of The Week – Taylor Simone

Hello Charlotte and we’re back this week with another beauty, Meet Taylor Simone. Taylor is a 25 year old Aries that love Traveling, shopping, reading and writing. Lets find out a little bit more about her. What’s your dream job? A Published author or a Stylist. What makes you smile? Pretty much everything, I’m always smiling. If you could eat the same thing everyday, what … Continue reading Beauty Of The Week – Taylor Simone

BEAUTY OF THE WEEK – Quintella Taylor

Quintella Taylor 27 Where are you from? Greensboro What’s your sign? Leo Single or Taken? Single   Who’s your favorite Music artist? Beyonce’ What’s your favorite movie? Pursuit of Happyness What’s your dream occupation? Lawyer and Model Whats your Dream Vacation? Paris What’s the most romantic thing a man has ever done for you? No man has ever reached that level. What’s your type? Loyal, … Continue reading BEAUTY OF THE WEEK – Quintella Taylor

Beauty of The Week

  Shaquana Alexander Age? 26 Location? Charlotte,/Greensboro NC Sign? Libra Favorite Vacation Spot? Miami Dream Career? Full time model Dream Date? Picnic on an exotic beach Dream Car? BMW Single or taken? Its complicated Man Crush? I have a couple Hobbies: Modeling, dancing, and cleaning Club or bar? Depends on the mood, but I’m not much of a clubber anymore. Fancy restaurant or Mom and … Continue reading Beauty of The Week


Ok let me say something real quick, first of all RESPECT THE BUSINESS. I don’t care if it’s graphic design, clothing company, car wash, hair stylist , barbers etc. RESPECT the BUSINESS. STOP reaching out to people wanting discounts on everything. STOP questions their prices, STOP trying to get smart and run off at the mouth while trying to conduct business because YOU need them … Continue reading DEAR BLACK CONSUMERS


  SHANTAE THOMAS 36 Mother, daughter, professional, and friend, are just some of the words that describe me. And while I am all of the above , I am also hearing impaired. At first glance you would never know that I struggle with this disability, because I do not let it define me.  I was always raised to excel regardless of setbacks, and I actually … Continue reading PEOPLE OF CHARLOTTE – SHANTAE THOMAS – A WOMAN OF CHANGE