Ok let me say something real quick, first of all RESPECT THE BUSINESS. I don’t care if it’s graphic design, clothing company, car wash, hair stylist , barbers etc. RESPECT the BUSINESS. STOP reaching out to people wanting discounts on everything. STOP questions their prices, STOP trying to get smart and run off at the mouth while trying to conduct business because YOU need them obviously. You know what I don’t understand y’all so QUICK to say support black businesses but be on that bullshit. First off a lot of y’all Don’t wanna pay deposits. That deposit securing that your order or service will be done period and some cases it goes to materials for turn product to be produced.  Y’all will brag about how much money you spent on shoes , bags, bars, etc and won’t question shit at all. But soon as a friend or relative tell you a price y’all think y’all are automatically awarded a discount or free service. FUCK no. It don’t work like that, your ass ain’t ask Nike for a discount, unless you went to a outlet or marshalls then you got one lol.  Don’t make nobody work and you have no plans on finishing payments, of course the deposit on refundable lol don’t ask me for shit back I can’t get my work back sooooo yeah. Then y’all get mad if we get upset or have a attitude don’t waste my time at all because I don’t mind not working with you again!! 

AAAAND ANOTHER THING if a designer or photographer send u proofs don’t think it’s cool to try and post them like you finalized payments, and don’t ask them to remove the watermark so you can see it better lol.

Y’all will ignore invoices, emails , text etc but if somebody call y’all out, they the bad ones. I 100% sure the ones that want discounted services will not give discounts themselves. Then had somebody tell me she didn’t support black businesses because of me all I did was give her everything She asked for lol crazy right? Be specific if you say you want this , then you’re getting THIS.
AAAAAND you knew you had bills and kids before you go looking for services no excuses. AND one last thing ( I think) if you set up a payment arrangement and I contact you on that day don’t get mad at me because you said Monday so I assume Monday right? Yeah 
That’s all you have to say about that- Forrest Gump 


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