image1Its was a early morning back in September 2016 I was having pain in my mid Abdomen area I noticed something wasn’t right. I Immediately went to the ER where doctors did a CT scan of the area. Doctor came in the room with the bad news by saying Mikus you have Cancer. Mom, step pops and I began to cry because the scare of having cancer was gut wrenching. I was so scared I began to think I was just given a death sentence. I looked at my Mom and said to her I’m not letting up we gone beat this and that i was gone be alright. She said ” son I’m sorry,” I said “no ma no need to be sorry you’ve done nothing wrong”. Few days later I received my chemotherapy schedule from the wonderful team over at the LCI center here in Charlotte NC. My schedule was unique iI had to undergo what doctors called 6 rounds 24 hour bags every 21 days of chemotherapy. I completed all treatments the nurses & doctors called me Superman lol. Chemotherapy is a very powerful drug it kills the good and bad cells in your body. Through it all I kept my spirits high and continued to push through like a champ. So as of Jan 10-2017 #Teammikus beat Lymphoma cancer



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  1. PRAISE BE TO GOD FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL THINGS HE HAS DONE. When God gave you LIFE, he wanted you to have it more abundantly. I am so glad he has given you the strength and encouragement to fight. You are a true fighter and YOU ARE WINNING! Keep GOD first and PRAY. I am glad that I know you, your love and your story. Be forever blessed in every step you TAKE and every step HE make. Love Auntie


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