IMG_2495.PNGMy foundation in life is established on my trust and belief in Jesus Christ. So it is not a surprise when I say that I am a believer in Job 11:18, “Thus shalt be secure, because there is hope” Growing up a PK, Pastor’s Kid was not easy because people always stereotype you and expect more from you instead of just allowing you to be yourself.  My brother and I were very close so that made life so much better. So we were able to have that special bond that siblings should have, our love has always been deep. But I never had that serious “Father Connection” even though I had two Dads in my life.

Planning a Child was something Robert and I talked about, and now we were going to become parents.  My Mom did not believe it was true. I remember calling her on the phone to tell her but she did not take me seriously. I was that person in the family nobody thought would ever have a baby.  At the time I was, 22 years old. When I called my Dad in Texas to tell him, he actually said how did that happened? Can you image him asking me that? On May 29, 2008, my Mom called and told us the most devastation news.  Just when we were finally developing a close relationship, my Dad died of complication due a kidney transplant. He was only 47 years old.

My Mom told me that without Hope life loses its meaning, so keep in mind my foundation, Hebrews 11 says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” That word “hope” always seems to pop up no matter what I am trying to say. Before the baby was born My Mom and I walked every day. Mama said she wanted to ensure I was health and strong and that the baby was health also. She did not believe in eating just because you were pregnant, and she went to every Doctor visit. Everything was great, no complication, just morning sickness and not much weight gain.

Rhyan our daughter was born on December 28, 2008. My Mom was the first person to actually see her. Her first words were, “she looks like a little china doll.” I was a mother at 23 years old. The exact same age my mom was when she had me. We decided to name her ‘Rhyan (pronounced “Ryan”) Alexandria (named after my grandmother) Caraballo. She weight 6 lb. 14oz. She was healthy and so strong. Screaming so loud everyone could hear her down the hall. Once Mom started praying she stopped crying and common down to listen to the prayer. The minute she finished Rhyan screamed so loudly everyone in the room laughed. She made a statement, look at me world. “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; you works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Psalm 139:14


Rhyan was almost 9 months when we realize there was something wrong with her. She was always a baby that loved to eat. But for some reason she did not want to eat that day or the day after. So we decided to take her to the emergency room. To everyone’s surprised they kept her and admitted her into the hospital. What we thought we be a few days turned into 2 ½ months. She actually stayed the entire summer of 2009 in the NU and moved to The Children Floor for Respiratory Therapy. No one in the Family could believe this was happening to us. Without our permission she was given a “Trach”.  We had to be trained on caring for her and also faced with the fact that our entire lives had changed overnight. However, when Paul wrote Romans15:13 he noted, “I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him.” I had to place my trust in God, and allow Him to be my guide in everything that I do. I needed to let Him tell be to go right, not left and to remember to pray before I make my choices in life. That’s our mistakes today, we think that we are our own judges and it is up to us to know which path to take. So each morning when we wake up, we forget to thank God for a new day. We don’t ask Him which way to turn, which path to take or even what color to wear. And before we even look up it happens, unless you have a praying mother. That day I had not only God, I also had My Guardian Angel in the car with me.

I had just asked My Mom to watch Rhyan; I went to go pick Robert up from work. I was going down the highway traveling 55 miles per hour. The right driver’s tire blow out and hit the back out the car in front of me and send my car into a spin. Because of the spin it caused the back driver’s tire to blow out and hit the cement wall. The only thing I knew to do was hit the brakes as hard as I could which cause me to break both ankles and my right knee. It was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. All I saw was black smoke. I thought the car was on fire. I heard the door open and scream for the person to call My Mom. I did not know where my phone had gone too but I was able to tell the man My Mom’s phone number. The man dialed her number and I was able to tell her where I was and what had happened. I remembered the doctors telling me to be prepared because the had to set my ankles back in place without giving me any pain meds. I knew everyone heard me in the universal. That was the worst pain I had ever felt in my life and I prayed not to ever go through that again. I bragged over and over again to see my parents. I was told it would be awhile due to the nature of my injuries. When they finally placed me in my room I realize I had a long road ahead of me. But I did not know exactly just what I was facing. Not until the Doctor walked in the room and told My Mom he wanted to remove my right leg.


Titus 1:2, our faith and knowledge is based on the of the eternal life that God, who does not lie,” So everything in my life has been built on the belief of a God that has given me these legs to walk. When I was 12 years old I lost my hearing and my sight. My God gave me back both my sight and my hearing, so I believed that He was not going to take my legs from me. However, the doctor that we were dealing with did not care what we had to say about our Faith are what we had to say about my legs. He had decided he wanted to take off my legs and that was what he thought he was going to do. The best part about the situation was he did not know My Mom and My God.  We had named one doctor ‘The Bug Man’ because his job was taking care of the bacteria that had set inside of my ankles after the accident had happened. The doctor said after 8 operations if the bacteria were not gone due to the infection that had set inside and had eaten away at the bone; I would not be able to walk on my leg again. When the doctor showed us the x-ray, there was no bone left in the area where the contagion had set inside. He had explained that they could take skin from the thigh to place inside, but it would not be able to help me maintain support to walk on my ankles.

I went into surgery for the ninth time. As the Church prayed, My Mom sat in the waiting room and prayed alone. The doctor had told her if he found that the leg was taint he would have to stop the operation and speak with her about taking it off. About twenty-five minutes into a six hour operation, My Mom was called into the back waiting room. She waited for over thirty minutes before the doctor came to speak with her. She remembered looking at the clock on the wall counting every second praying to God, asking what could be the problem. She remembers telling me in her Heart she knew it was a blessing because she felt she common and at peace. When the doctor entered the room he looked very confused and truly did not want to make eye contact. The day before the doctor was out of line with us and had become very unprofessional. He stayed, he was the captain of the ship and that he was in control of my life. He became very boisterous and loud which made My Mom, I, our company and the nurses very uncomfortable and we all felt he had truly stepped out of line. He had walked a thin line with us and we needed him to understand it was my body and my decision to decide what I was going to do with my own body. I explain clearly to him, My God had given me eyes to see and ears to hear and He was going to give me my legs to walk. And I too was going to pick up my bed and walk. As the doctor came into the room he sat down in front of My Mom to explain what had happened during the operation. As his lips began to move, My Mom said she studied each and every moment with great detail. The doctor explained that as he open my leg to place the remaining fat inside from my thigh he notice that the bone that was eaten by the bacteria was there. My Mom looked directly at him and said, “Excuse Me.” He said, “The bone that was eaten, was there.” My Mom, said, “The bone that was not on the x-ray was now there?” The doctor said, “He placed both x-rays next to one another over and over again. He compared three different x-rays that did not have a bone to the x-ray that now have a bone, and he cannot medically explain how the bone is now there.” He state she was in recover and we would be able to see her in a while. Due to the anger of the doctor and because he was not able to explain how the bone appeared, I was placed on the side of the hospital that had very small rooms. One week later I was release from the hospital and finally able to see Rhyan, however I was not able to go upstairs.

I had lost twenty pounds and my parents lived in a two storage home. I had to have assistant to dress and even eat. My life was out of control. There were times when I felt God had left me and I did not feel Him. I felt like He was not there. God is everywhere. But we all go through that time when we just cannot feel Him. David called out to Him and felt like He was not there, but He continued to chase after His Heart. David never gave up. “The Lord is my Light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?” Psalm 27 My Mom told me there was one person that would never fail me. She said man will fail you even her, But God. “Trust in the Lord, and do good;” Psalm 37 I never in my life thought I would ever need His strength until, July 20, 2014. That is a day I do not want to remember so I will only share a small part. My Dad called me at work so I knew something was wrong. Before I got home good Robert called and told me that God had gotten Our Baby Her Wings. She was 5 ½ years old. Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” We take everything for granite, and not think about tomorrow. It is better to be content with God, but we compliant about everything that makes no sense. So when something that is so small turns out to mean totally nothing it is too late. My Rhyan is now sleeping in Heaven’s Arms



I have a strong foundation that is loyal to my faith in Christ Jesus. I told My Mom I was grateful for the fact that she taught us to know where our Faith cometh from. I pray daily, place my trust in God and I know I will see My Dad and Rhyan again one day. I do have pain in my legs and I need to have another operation. I have had so many miracles happen in my life that would take more than this article. I thank God each day for using me and my family. I cannot tell you how He has blessed me and it is a day to day struggle. I will never arrive, but through Christ that strengthen me, I am more than a conqueror.





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