Boudreaux Louisiana kitchen

What’s up Charlotte and welcome to another episode of Easy Eats, today I went and dined at Boudreaux Louisiana kitchen. Now I can’t pronounce the name didn’t even try to , as a matter of fact most of the menu I can’t pronounce but I can pronounce DELICIOUS!!! Yes Lawd!

Ok so check it I been wanting to go there for a min so , why put off tomorrow what you can do today, I think that’s the saying anyway so I walked in and was greeted by Sean real cool dude, so of course I ordered sweet tea, it’s a must. As I was relaxing it really had a bayou vibe to it, I thought I was in New Orleans I started saying ” ya heard me” and everything lol. So I’ve had Gator before at a place I won’t say because this not about them lol so I figure ” go with what you know” do I orders the Gator Bites. Which was Flash fried with Cajun mayeaux. I know that says Mayo lol . The bites were amazing nicely fried and crisp with the smooth a chewy taste of the gator, I wanted to order another like just bring me a few pounds of it lol. 

So now its entree time, so much to choose from but I went with the Ducharme gumbo ( shrimp chicken andouille crawfish and okra) , can’t lie I’ve had gumbo before but this here have to be the best I’ve had. It had the right amount of spices in it, not spicy spicy but it had a kick to it. The gumbo sauce, gravy, whatever term they use for it so so smooth, usually don’t like okra because it’s slimey, but for some reason I didn’t have that problem here. The thing that really set it off was the corn bread, boy that cornbread taste like pound cake lol. Great dish didn’t have to had any extra seasoning or hot sauce I ate it as is. 

Defiantly worth the money and I defiantly will be back very soon. Right in the heart of Noda on the Corner of Davidson and 36th street go check them out and tell them I sent you, ya heard me 


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