I’m grateful to have the opportunity to witness greatness as such. The V4 RELOADED PRIVATE LISTENING PARTY WAS AMAZING. I was in the midst of some amazing individuals. stylist, singers, song writers , musicians, journalist etc

For me to be even invited was cool to me. The atmosphere was crazy the ladies looked great , they sounded even better. They laughed , sung, and laughed some more. It was amazing and inspirational to here how far they’ve come. They even shocked us with great news. THEY ARE PERFORMING AT APOLLO, now if u a big music fan you know how BIG Apollo is, I grew up watching some GREAT artist. Blow up on that stage and I PRAY πŸ™πŸΎ everything goes WELL for them. 

I absolutely LOVED the original songs they have but ADORE their VMIXES and they all are inspired by 90’s POWERFUL females. ​

​Their voices are CRAZY 

I’m happy to be apart of history that was made today.

And you can ask I’ve been wanting a autograph for years and I got it lol 

Frenchie asked ” so u not going to speak”

I told her  ” I’m shy” lol like I know these ladies yet, I got shy about interacting with them, but they are lovable, talented and funny individuals and great role modes to young women I hope they keep it up because I’m watching lol Good Luck, Charlotte has your back. Stay Dope Stay positive and stay prayed up God got you!! 


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