Yeah I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with 99% of what I’m about to post but hey it is what it is. With that being said let’s start the list of OVERRATED things.


Y’all only drink this because rappers, it’s rather nasty I mean if you taking shots to get a quick buzz then ok but y’all take this to the head like it’s a berry punch minute made. And y’all can’t wait to take a picture with it like it’s a trophy or something lol



lol now I’ve heard her spit she got bars but that song is trash to me I’m sorry. Don’t beat me up just my opinion lol 


Yea i don’t care what y’all say lol he’s not wack at all just overrated and no I’m not hating he is the most successful rapper who still doing it and got classic hits but don’t act like everything he touch turns to Gold he AIGHT


Yea I said it lol $2 Tuesday’s overrated.1st off its crowded I need elbow room it’s full of folks who first off aren’t tipping they’re just there for the $2 drinks and to take a club picture, stand on a couch, do a few snapchats like they the ones booked to party. I’m more of a Men’s club man myself lol 


I rather have Moe’s. I only tried it because of the video that went viral ” omg I love chipotle ” lol 

Not saying he wack because I’ve listen to his last album not the latest but the one before that , any who y’all act like he’s hip hop savior he can spit but I just can’t get into everything he does and no I’m not hating just saying 


Yeah yeah he got some dope ones and possibly the best shoes ever BUT I’m not standing in line 12 hours nor am I caring to try and win a raffle for this man shoes now if u wear em ok cool hell I’ll wear em but the BS to get em is crazy I rather wear asics.


Don’t kill me, don’t stalk me, don’t throw eggs at me. Now I love her album ” 4″ but … never mind just refer back to my # 3. Lol


I mean she AIGHT I like ” unfaithful ” and that song Tasha Mack was singing on ” The Game” and ” ohhhh nana what’s my name” but that’s about it. Lol and she not all that sexy either 


Yea this shit ………


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