I Wanna thank everyone for the pre-orders and support thus far in my endeavors. It’s taken awhile for me to get here. I’m excited, scared, humbled and thankful at the same damn time. I’m dropping this as a thank you to everyone that stuck wit me. Hope you enjoy. 
If u don’t take anything from this, just know the album that will follow Hold Please is already done. And it’s a masterpiece. 
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Hello Charlotte, I’m here today to showcase one of my favorite places to eat in Charlotte. 

Queen City Q, is one of the best places to come and enjoy some southern barbecue cuisines. From the chicken, brisket, and of course the ribs. But today I had the pleasure of enjoying some sweet, and succulent wings. One of the best flavors I’ve ever had. Chipotle apricot.

These wings where handcrafted in God’s kitchen, like Jesus had to make these. Somebody in heaven blessed us with these wings. It don’t make no sense how good these were. Just look at the pictures.

Not only did I enjoy them but I also had there hush puppies. And I think God has some angels up there hand bettering these babies because they were oh so perfect. But what set it off was the honey butter. I don’t know who idea it was to mix that up together but they deserve a nobel peace prize, a Grammy , espy, MTV award or something. I almost ordered it by the gallon. And the sweet tea OOOOHA THE SWEET TEA!!!!! Lord have mercy on the kitchen staff I know their going to heaven for their due diligence ence in the kitchen.

Make sure your stop by and orders and let us know how you liked it? These wings get a 5 star from us .

Stop by Queen City Q, 225 E 6th street Charlotte, North Carolina tell them Easy Magazine sent you and make sure you request Jonage L as your server, and they cater as well. Until next time folks I’ll Holla