CharLIT a city divided US VS THEM 

First things first, last night was PEACFUL. It wasn’t until we got uptown Charlotte until the riots started. 

​It was thousands of positive protestors. Thousands who wanted answers. I was face to face with cops in riot gear with folks my who was talking calmly, positive, trying to have a REAL conversation with the police . As I looked into the eyes of some of the cops I seen that a lot of them knew that shit was fucked up, they knew they people did wrong. They were nodding their heads listening to us. BUT, there were some who were ready to fuck shit up. Don’t get me wrong I know their trained for riot situations. But they used their trained tactics on peaceful people. Now there were looters and vandalizers, which I nor the people I was with took part in. But the cops started the whole ” cops vs Charlotte” altercation”​

​​If we are PEACFUL why throw and shoot tear gas? Why throw explosives? We wasn’t doing wrong. We have the right to assemble. Another person is fighting for their life now because a ” suvilian ” shot him 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I’ve seen cops push females around. We were sitting on the ground not talking and I saw them snatch a few people up and cuff them. It’s against the law to sit at a protest?. I seen OTHER races throwing things at cops which caused them to react, could they have been planted? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 it’s so much that CNN and local news is NOT showing the world. 

They didn’t show pictures of people praying for Charlotte and cops. They didn’t show people helping each other breathe and heal burning faces, they didn’t show the police shoots rubber bullets at people standing still.
Football players are being talked about for kneeling, and folks was getting arrested for the same. Show the PEACFUL marches that took place, the hugs, the prayers, the tears, the multiple races coming together. Show the people asking cops for answers. And to end this post I heard a guy say he was paid to watch the cops conduct from a distance and he said he seen over 50 misconducts from cops that night. But we the bad guys. We just want answers. 


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