What up Charlotte today I want to show you what our neighbors in Gastonia got cooking. A dope line by the name of PLEN-TEE. A versatile line catering to every flavor you got let’s check them out and see what in the kitchen 

How did it all get started?

This all got started around 2012, I was in high school at the time. I really wanted to start up my own line I just didn’t really have the right resources at the time to do it. I couldn’t even stick with a name that was dope and catchy enough. Last year I just really brainstormed and planned everything out. I wanted to create a line that would fit the go-getters and the hustlers. You grind hard to have PLEN-TEE. You grind hard to “Never Run Out”.

 In a world filled with designer this and designer that how do you plan to stay in the public eye?

 I plan to stay in the public eye with my versatility and creativity. I plan to be in the box, outside the box, on top of the box; I want to be everywhere. Especially in the hip hop culture because those are the people I believe I can reach the best

How is the design process? I know it’s stressful 

Yes, the design process is very stressful but anything worth having is worth grinding for. I spend countless hours creating and changing designs. I constantly go back and forth with graphic designers on what visions I have and what can be done to achieve it. But when I see the finish product, I realize it was all worth it. The actual brainstorming process for all my designs is just me chilling and listening to music with a pencil and paper. While I’m vibing, ideas just pop into my mind and I just try to sketch it out. After I sketch it I have to find the right font so I’m always on dafont trying to get dope ones. 

Where are y’all from?

 I’m from Gastonia, North Carolina. 

What’s the 5 year goal for the company?

 In five years I wish to see my brand in stores. My overall goal is to have them in stores like Zumiez, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, and ect. Honestly becoming a huge brand everyone would love to wear. 

 If you had to choose one celeb to endorse the brand who would it be?

I try to make my line so versatile that it could fit all type of styles so I really can’t pin point one artist. I really could see any of the new era artists in it.

Where can the people follow the brand for ordering or more questions?

They can follow my line on Instagram @_plen_tee and see the latest releases and updates. Purchases can be made through our website

Well I know im going to shop with them, make sure y’all hit them up and get some flavor a. Y’all be be cool and stay dope.



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