Once again it’s on – bishop voice From juice lol anyway this week our beauty of the  week goes out to 22 year old Shante’ Melvin from Charlotte North Carolina. Check her out and see why she is this weeks Beauty of The Week.

Name: Shante’ Simone Melvin



What’s your sign?


What are your hobbies?

I’m a beast in the gym. I get into a zone where I’m completely focused on my goals and I push myself to the limit each time. I love shopping , I’ll shut the entire mall down ! I also enjoy reading informative pieces of literature any chance that I can. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celeb crush would have to be Rihanna 😍,She’s a boss, bad ass, a trend setter, and in her own lane. She represents the struggle , is family oriented , and completely changed the music game. I see myself a lot in her through the choices we’ve seen her make throughout the years via the media. But she’s never let that get in the way of her success.

What is your dream occupation?

My dream occupation would be to become a celebrity chef. Don’t you just love the fancy meals prepared on the food network ? I have a little chef in me just waiting to come out one of these days

What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is one with no cell phones, except to snapchat with. I want to feel completely cut off from all the craziness that may be going on at the time. I’m thinking Dubai. I just want fun, food, RELAXATION, and a cocktail 🍸

If you ruled the world what would you change? 

 I ruled the world , I’d be president of the United States. I just can’t see any of our current candidates running this country better than myself. I meannnn, who better for the job but me? I’d have everyone signing up for citizenship hunny 💅🏾 The people already love me.

Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talents ? Hmm, I can actually sing pretty well. I grew up as a dancer and taught dance at the age of 16-19. I’m a hairstylist , studied at Paul Mitchell but I find that makeup is more my cup of tea. I have this thing where I hum if I’m bored , things get a little awkward , sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Single or taken?

‘m def SINGLE!! Surprise, I know. But my career is BAE. I’ve fought so hard to be where I am today as a model in the Charlotte area. People have no earthly idea ! 

My goal isn’t to have several Chanel bags like most of these fly by night models. I want a career , at least a solid 10-15 year career doing what I love. I want to share the wealth by instructing models on etiquette , posing , and overall self esteem. Most models see me as competition and are threatened immediately. I’m not here for that. I plan on creating seminars for women in general who need that extra push in life. Sometimes we come to a crossroads and feel like giving up. I’ve been there so many times. Everyone has a calling. Originalitay is called to inspire ❤️ I’m more than just a model , I’m a blessing. 



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