CharLIT a city divided US VS THEM 

First things first, last night was PEACFUL. It wasn’t until we got uptown Charlotte until the riots started. 

​It was thousands of positive protestors. Thousands who wanted answers. I was face to face with cops in riot gear with folks my who was talking calmly, positive, trying to have a REAL conversation with the police . As I looked into the eyes of some of the cops I seen that a lot of them knew that shit was fucked up, they knew they people did wrong. They were nodding their heads listening to us. BUT, there were some who were ready to fuck shit up. Don’t get me wrong I know their trained for riot situations. But they used their trained tactics on peaceful people. Now there were looters and vandalizers, which I nor the people I was with took part in. But the cops started the whole ” cops vs Charlotte” altercation”​

​​If we are PEACFUL why throw and shoot tear gas? Why throw explosives? We wasn’t doing wrong. We have the right to assemble. Another person is fighting for their life now because a ” suvilian ” shot him 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 I’ve seen cops push females around. We were sitting on the ground not talking and I saw them snatch a few people up and cuff them. It’s against the law to sit at a protest?. I seen OTHER races throwing things at cops which caused them to react, could they have been planted? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 it’s so much that CNN and local news is NOT showing the world. 

They didn’t show pictures of people praying for Charlotte and cops. They didn’t show people helping each other breathe and heal burning faces, they didn’t show the police shoots rubber bullets at people standing still.
Football players are being talked about for kneeling, and folks was getting arrested for the same. Show the PEACFUL marches that took place, the hugs, the prayers, the tears, the multiple races coming together. Show the people asking cops for answers. And to end this post I heard a guy say he was paid to watch the cops conduct from a distance and he said he seen over 50 misconducts from cops that night. But we the bad guys. We just want answers. 


What up Charlotte today I want to show you what our neighbors in Gastonia got cooking. A dope line by the name of PLEN-TEE. A versatile line catering to every flavor you got let’s check them out and see what in the kitchen 

How did it all get started?

This all got started around 2012, I was in high school at the time. I really wanted to start up my own line I just didn’t really have the right resources at the time to do it. I couldn’t even stick with a name that was dope and catchy enough. Last year I just really brainstormed and planned everything out. I wanted to create a line that would fit the go-getters and the hustlers. You grind hard to have PLEN-TEE. You grind hard to “Never Run Out”.

 In a world filled with designer this and designer that how do you plan to stay in the public eye?

 I plan to stay in the public eye with my versatility and creativity. I plan to be in the box, outside the box, on top of the box; I want to be everywhere. Especially in the hip hop culture because those are the people I believe I can reach the best

How is the design process? I know it’s stressful 

Yes, the design process is very stressful but anything worth having is worth grinding for. I spend countless hours creating and changing designs. I constantly go back and forth with graphic designers on what visions I have and what can be done to achieve it. But when I see the finish product, I realize it was all worth it. The actual brainstorming process for all my designs is just me chilling and listening to music with a pencil and paper. While I’m vibing, ideas just pop into my mind and I just try to sketch it out. After I sketch it I have to find the right font so I’m always on dafont trying to get dope ones. 

Where are y’all from?

 I’m from Gastonia, North Carolina. 

What’s the 5 year goal for the company?

 In five years I wish to see my brand in stores. My overall goal is to have them in stores like Zumiez, Pacsun, Urban Outfitters, and ect. Honestly becoming a huge brand everyone would love to wear. 

 If you had to choose one celeb to endorse the brand who would it be?

I try to make my line so versatile that it could fit all type of styles so I really can’t pin point one artist. I really could see any of the new era artists in it.

Where can the people follow the brand for ordering or more questions?

They can follow my line on Instagram @_plen_tee and see the latest releases and updates. Purchases can be made through our website

Well I know im going to shop with them, make sure y’all hit them up and get some flavor a. Y’all be be cool and stay dope.





What’s up Charlotte? Today I want to introduce you to a talented group of ladies that goes by the name of V4. I’ve been following their career since day one and now its time for the world to get to k now them. Let me introduce to you, Frenchiee, K Riss, Janele Gee and DK also known as V4.

What does V4 stand for?


V4 means Volume 4 and to break that down it means 4 voices complete as 1.


Janele Gee

Volume 4 has always been a part of our producer’s vision for the group. In the beginning we tried to get him to change it but he was not having it. lol

So I’m sure you being a group you had to grow up being fans of girl groups who are your favs?


TLC, En Vogue, 3lw, Svw, Destiny’s Child  F


Can’t forget about Spice Girls!

K Riss

More recently, Danity Kane has been one of my favs

image4 (1).JPG

Describe each member in the group

K Riss

Frenchiee is the Kool Kid! She is funny, witty, and super talented. She has a big personality but also a big heart! DK is cool, calm, and collective! She is so caring and positive and beautiful as ever! Her inner light truly shines and she makes everyone feel at ease. Janele is the heartbeat of the group. She keeps everyone energized and motivated. She is beautiful both inside and out and has the best attitude about things. She is uplifting and encouraging and FUN to be around!


Okay I’ll start with JG (Janele) she’s one of the coolest girls I know she’s extremely humble & a very hard worker. She’s really compassionate & a dream chaser. No matter what it is she’s gonna go get it! Next I’ll do Riss (K Riss) The fun police lol! No but she is a finisher, if no one gets it done she will! She’s like the mom of the group if there’s something wrong she tries to fix it. She’s always concerned with making sure your okay & everything is in place. Last but not least Tardy D! (DK) She’s one of those women you find strength in, you know? She never wears her problems, if there’s something going on you have to ask her 100x before she cracks. Aside from that she’s purely sweet & genuine. And we can always count on her for a laugh. Those are my sisters.

Janele Gee

Frenchiee is a trendsetter and a big energy in the group. Everything from her voice, personality, dance moves and even her hair is BIG! She is also the comedian of the group! She keeps us laughing constantly but as tough as she is on the outside, she is equally soft on the inside because she has a BIG heart!
DK is so kind and genuine. She is an old soul for sure. She balances out the group so much with her smooth tone and her girl next door demeanor. And truth be told, DK is low key FUNNY too!!!! She is always reminding us that she may be nice but that “Bull City” will come out quick! Lol
K.Riss brings a fierce and sophisticated energy with her sultry tone. She is the mama of the group for sure! She is one of the most giving people that I know and will always make sure things get done, and “In that order!” (mama dee voice). Her ambition and passion is unmatched and she is a constant light of motivation for the group.



K. Riss- the one who keeps us on track and organized. We call her the mother of the group because she is so loving but always make sure we get back to business when we are supposed to. She’s our black Barbie! Janele- she is the hype man of the group! She is also a free spirit. She will always tell you what’s on her heart. We sometimes call her the emotional one during sentimental moment’s lol. Frenchie- she really brings the whole crazy sexy cool to life. She is the outspoken one and will always have your back when you need her. She brings so much character to the group. She is definitely the crazy cool one lol

I see you work with super producer Krazy Figz how is it working with him?


Janele Gee

Working with Figz is super dope because he is always inspired! Randomly he will spit out a catchy phrase or sing an incomplete melody and you just have to catch what direction he’s going in. 10 times out of 10 IT ALWAYS WORKS! Plus, he believes in us like no other, so our creative bond with him is special to us,

The more and more I follow you the more I see the 90’s in you was that a big influence on your music?


The 90’s is like our favorite! We honestly love all old school music but a lot of the music our generation reverts back to is 90’s because it was just so raw & real.

K Riss

Yes, I believe the 90’s were a decade that we all could relate to. It was an epic time for girl groups and female dominance and empowerment and that is what we feed off of. It’s a great energy that we carry over into our original music.


We see you guys dance as well you don’t see too many female artist still being a all around entertainer like that anymore .


Shout out to our Choreographer, Ana Ogbueze (Oh-boy-zee) at NC Dance District! Ain’t nobody on our level with the choreography!

Janele Gee

Honestly I think that is what sets us apart from other girl groups. Our group’s personality on stage is unmatched and you can tell it’s organic.

TLC had crazy sexy cool and since your v 4 what are 4 words that come to mind when you think about yourself ?


Sexy, Dope, Ratchet, and chill all at the same time lol


Crazy Sexy Cool Feisty! Lol

K Riss

Explosive, Dynamic, Sassy, Smooth

Janele Gee

Fearless, Energetic, Fun


I’ve been around you guys seen performances heard music since day one what’s your fav part? The recording the live shows? The dances?

K Riss

The live shows,  performing to me is the reward that you get for all of your hard work that you put into the studio and to rehearsals. It’s my favorite part!

Janele Gee

Performing is my first love! There is nothing like feeding off of the energy of the crowd and hearing them scream and clap for you!


I think for any performance the best thing would be seeing the crowd’s reaction. It gives you a rush to know you’re up on stage killing it.

I’m sure younger girls look up to you guys just like you looked up to others what are some things you want them to see and know about being a goal driven woman?

K Riss

Keep faith in God and be persistent. Persistence is KEY, so is patience and ambition. We want women to know that you can be ANYTHING you want to be and do ANYTHING that you want to do.


I would want them to know that many obstacles may come their way but nothing is earned without hard work. You can’t let fear stand in the way of what God has already planned for you. Don’t depend on anyone else to make your dreams come true!

Janele Gee

LIVE FOR IMPROVEMENT AND NOT APPROVAL! If your dreams don’t scare you then you’re not dreaming BIG enough, and if you’re not willing to risk it all behind your dream, then you need a NEW DREAM!


What’s for you is for you, and do not let others success make you feel as though you’re on a setback. You’re beautiful and the best you IS YOU!

How do you balance music shows rehearsals and personal life

Janele Gee

Personal Life? What’s that? Lol You gotta grind to shine baby!


It’s not really a balance you just have to sacrifice & keep your eyes on the prize. Work hard now, play later!

K Riss

It’s not very hard for me, but V4 comes first! We look at it like a dream job. We take it very seriously and we put all other things aside for the sake of the group…this also includes personal time.


Me personally, I’m a mom, I work full time and I’m in a relationship so I really have to manage my time wisely. This requires losing sleep some nights. I have to give my job the time that that they pay me for and also give my other job (volume 4) the same attention. I have to make a mental schedule of my daily life so that I can prioritize every duty.

So who’s single who’s taken? Lol

K Riss

Hmmm wouldn’t YOU like to know


We are all married to Jesus! Lol

Janele Gee

What Frenchiee said lol


I’m taken lol

Are there times you just be like ” man I’m tired I don’t want to record today” what gets u up and at it and overcoming tiredness ?

K Riss

Sometimes we do get tired because we all work regular jobs and then meet up to do V4 stuff so we are drained from just the normal day but honestly seeing everyone so committed and seeing the team that we have and everyone all hands on deck motivates us to go harder because people believe in the vision. That speaks volumes to us.

Can I be in the next video I wanna dance too lol


 Uuummmmm that’s something you have to take up with our choreographer/creative director. Lol

Who do you want to work with in Charlotte??


Anyone positive! I think a collaboration with a male singer would be dope


Baby Jesus, I think he’s dope. Every time I log onto one of my social media accounts he’s on my timeline. His video, his song, promo of some sort.

What are y’all social media so the people can follow you?





K Riss


Janele Gee

: @janele_gee
Also follow our producer, @krayfigz & our choreographer

Thanks for your time any last words for the people reading?

K Riss

Special shout out to all of our followers, friends, family, and supporters! We couldn’t do this without you and it means the world to us to have you here! Thank you!


Look out for us! I promise you will be entertained even outside of the music. If you love real music, real people & real talent, then please SUPPORT!

Janele Gee



Thank you for your support! If you’re not following us follow all of our social media & our YouTube page @Wearev4! Special thanks to our producer Krazy Figz & Thank you for featuring us!

Thanks to the lovely ladies of V4 for their time, make sure you guys follow them and their career, i promise you want be disappointed. Ceck out their latest video Body Work

V4 Body Work Official Video

Until next time folks


Once again it’s on – bishop voice From juice lol anyway this week our beauty of the  week goes out to 22 year old Shante’ Melvin from Charlotte North Carolina. Check her out and see why she is this weeks Beauty of The Week.

Name: Shante’ Simone Melvin



What’s your sign?


What are your hobbies?

I’m a beast in the gym. I get into a zone where I’m completely focused on my goals and I push myself to the limit each time. I love shopping , I’ll shut the entire mall down ! I also enjoy reading informative pieces of literature any chance that I can. 

Who is your celebrity crush?

My celeb crush would have to be Rihanna 😍,She’s a boss, bad ass, a trend setter, and in her own lane. She represents the struggle , is family oriented , and completely changed the music game. I see myself a lot in her through the choices we’ve seen her make throughout the years via the media. But she’s never let that get in the way of her success.

What is your dream occupation?

My dream occupation would be to become a celebrity chef. Don’t you just love the fancy meals prepared on the food network ? I have a little chef in me just waiting to come out one of these days

What is your dream vacation?

My dream vacation is one with no cell phones, except to snapchat with. I want to feel completely cut off from all the craziness that may be going on at the time. I’m thinking Dubai. I just want fun, food, RELAXATION, and a cocktail 🍸

If you ruled the world what would you change? 

 I ruled the world , I’d be president of the United States. I just can’t see any of our current candidates running this country better than myself. I meannnn, who better for the job but me? I’d have everyone signing up for citizenship hunny 💅🏾 The people already love me.

Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talents ? Hmm, I can actually sing pretty well. I grew up as a dancer and taught dance at the age of 16-19. I’m a hairstylist , studied at Paul Mitchell but I find that makeup is more my cup of tea. I have this thing where I hum if I’m bored , things get a little awkward , sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.

Single or taken?

‘m def SINGLE!! Surprise, I know. But my career is BAE. I’ve fought so hard to be where I am today as a model in the Charlotte area. People have no earthly idea ! 

My goal isn’t to have several Chanel bags like most of these fly by night models. I want a career , at least a solid 10-15 year career doing what I love. I want to share the wealth by instructing models on etiquette , posing , and overall self esteem. Most models see me as competition and are threatened immediately. I’m not here for that. I plan on creating seminars for women in general who need that extra push in life. Sometimes we come to a crossroads and feel like giving up. I’ve been there so many times. Everyone has a calling. Originalitay is called to inspire ❤️ I’m more than just a model , I’m a blessing.