Well here we are again, I know it’s been over a week I’m sorry that’s my bad. Lol ok but check it we have another beauty of the week. Ms. Toni. Let’s find out a little more about her shall we?

Name: Toni

Age: 22

Dream occupation: Stewardess

What are your Hobbies?


What’s your Favorite song that describes you?

Doe B “She a winner”

Who is your Celeb Crush?


What’s your Favorite Quote?

  “They always dying to mention me “

Why do you love Charlotte?

It’s home

Are you Single or taken?


What are 3 things that’s in your purse at all times?

Money, a check, and these coins

What do men do that gets on your nerves?

Lie, and beat around the bush

What are your favorite places to eat in Charlotte?

Chimas, and Bojangles

What are some of your secret talents?

I’m an expert marksman & I can count Money backwards

What are your favorite colors?

My favorite colors are purple and white

Do you have any favorite tv shows?

Forensic files & criminal minds

Any fears?

I am deathly afraid of mascots, and clowns

To keep yo with Ms.Toni follow her




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