Today in Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor there was a Squirt Day party. One of the best parties I ever been to. The party was brought to you by Permanent Vacation & Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Imagine one big water fight with, drinks and music.

Everybody just enjoying themselves, squirting each other, dancing, and just vibing to a dope environment. In attendance were three dope artist who each performed and put on a great show.

Tange LomaxRapper Shane Elevator JayAnd Three Six Mafia’s own Project Pat.

Can’t forget about the Dj’s. AHUF, STRTR, & J OVERCASH. The scene was dope, the music was dope, the people was dope. Today was a good day. I am definitely ready for the next event. 

Check out a little recap from today’s dopeness. It was definitely #PlayerMade

Make sure you follow @elevatorjay  @therealprojectpathcp @rappershane @pabstdudebroribbon @permanent_vacation_crew @snugharbornc @tangelomax 



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