I was at work talking about my favorite albums to date. Now there are a whole lot that I can name, but I’m going to just name a few, because we could be here all day.

1. Mac – Shell Shocked

Now I grew up on No Limit, Master P is actually one of my role models. This album here is a No Limit CLASSIC. Mac was one if not the best artist on No Limit. Songs as ” slow your role” a street story teller about a young guy headed down the wrong path, ” My Brother” where he express himself to his brothers & friends. Also “calling me” a hood love story. If you haven’t heard this album please go listen. 

2 Lyfe Jennings – Lyfe 268-192

This album here!!!!!! Man this that ” I’ve been going through a lot so let me listen to this album and cry my pain out and feel better ” music. Songs like ” CRY”, ” 26 years 17 days”, ” stick up kid” and ” made up my mind” Lyfe really spoke for the struggle in this song, his life in one album. He tells you about before prison after prison etc. The industry needs THIS Lyfe back.

3 Tupac – All Eyez On Me

If this album not in your top 5,10,15 anything then I don’t know what to tell you. I really wish PAC was still here, his music NEVER gets old. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME 

4 Nelly – Country Grammar 

Didn’t this album go Diamond?. When this first dropped everybody I know was wearing headband and jerseys to school. He changed the game with this. He still acting off this album this definitely a classic. His sound was a little weird at first lol but it grew on me and became one of my fav artist in his prime 

5. Ti – I’m serious 

Before Jeezy , before Gucci mane, before your favorite trap rapper it’s was TIP. I’m serious was the introduction to the trap. , The streets, the king of the south. Tip came out RAW with this one. Although it’s one of the most slept on albums it’s def a southern classic. Very underrated album. 
This just 5 of my favorites be on the lookout for my R&B list. What are some of your favorite albums???? Leave us some comments, and let’s see what your listening to. Follow us on Instagram: @easymagclt

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