Passport Shawty

What up Charlotte?, today I would like to introduce to you a talented artist, from the westsie of Charlotte, you guys might have seen him on 106 & Park a few times give it up for Passport Shawty *crowd claps*

What’s up passport what side of Charlotte you from?

Whats goin on? ,Me?,Im from the Westside of Charlotte grew up on Beatties Ford rd. My family been living in this area for about 70 years, Long time

What made you want to do music?

 I can’t say one exact thing that got me started,but I do remember writing poems in grade school. That eventually evovled into writing music as I got older. I was an only child so I used to sit in my room and just listen to music all day almost everyday.

We seen you on BET’s 106 & Park how was that? And what did you learn from it?

It was defintely a great experience especially for a rising artist to have exposure on a national level. I kinda hate that stigma that came with it though. Alot of people would say “106&park? Man that shit wack” I mean yea it had its cheesy moments in my eyes as well but I learned alot about myself as an artist through the whole process. From professionalism to being on camera and how to network with important people.

I’ve seen you online voicing your opinion about thing King of Charlotte

Yea man like people piss me off when they dont take Charlotte serious like they can do amd say whatever they want without consequence. NO you cant. For that man to say that says alot about how we are viewed to the rest of the world. Alot of people said ” If he feel like he the king the let him feel that way. Fuck that, until you help the community or give back in any type of way you can never be a King! People dont have a sense of pride it seems. Like what the fuck do you stand for??? I stand for my family and my city and will go to the extreme for what I beleive in.

What do you think it takes to be KING?

A King is held accountable for all he is King of. A King serves his people. You have to be a leader and know what your mission is to be a King. You have to have no fear and have alot of heart. You have to want the best for your community and make sure whatever your King of is flourishing and and in good standing. If you wana be King accept all the responsibility that comes with it not just the name.

I also seen you give back a couple times how important is helping others and giving back to you?

Its the only way we can progress as a community, as a city, and as a race period! No one person can do it all their self. I dont care how independent a person is we all need help at some point in our lives. So helping lift each other up and giving back is very important.

If you could change one thing about Charlotte what would it be?

 One thing I would change about Charlotte would be the closed minded attitude this city has. Its easy to imprison yourself in your surroundings and that’s what I think alot have done. You get so comfortable being here you don’t accept change well or want for more. The way to fix that is to travel. Passportshawty is more than a name to me its a lifestyle! Get out and see what the world has to offer! That way when you do get back to the city you see things in a different light and you can contribute in a way you might not have been able to just staying in the city with the same mindset. Its a big world out there.

What’s some advice you’ve received in this industry that you take and try to live out daily?

 Be fearless, Have a strong work ethic, and know that at certain point in your life every decision you make is a life decision.

If not rapping and music what would be your dream career?


I used to want to be a weather man lol. I was amazed with storms tornadoes and all that kinda shit, or a astronomer. It’s  alot to learn up there in outer space.

I recently had a conversation with you about egos, how do you think a ego can make a break they way people see you?

Ego can destroy you as an artist as well as ruin your relationships with people in the game. And being apart of the Charlotte music scene at this point nobody should have a damn ego lol. We all still tryna make it out so why act funny towards anyone especially if they are a fan or want to support you, stupid, but shit that’s on them cuz when they burn the wrong bridges they will be stuck on ego island by they damn self.


Any upcoming projects?

At the moment no, I got some hits sittn in my computer tho…just focusing on building my brand and sound…im sure a dope project will come in the midst of all that.

Where can the people follow you and keep up with passport Shawty

Follow me on Instagram: @Passportshawty Twitter: @Passportshawty Facebook: Passport Beatty Snapchat: Passportshawty2 Soundcloud: Passportshawty

By the way how did the name come about?

 Like I said before its a lifestyle, I’ve been half way across the globe shootin videos puttin on for my city reppin for Charlotte, I dont know any other “Local artist” from here to do it like I did…and Im not even finished. Now I see more outa town videos but I started doing this a few years ago. So I kinda feel like I set that trend…I feel its a name I earned.

Anybody that you would love to work with?

In the city definitely! The answer is everybody.

If you can do one BIG project whether it’s music or charity, etc what would it be

 Even though its been done Ive always wanted to do a charity basketball game. Its a easy way combine music and charity at the same time. The ones we’ve had or I’ve seen its always kinda exclusive to the same circle of people. It nothing wrong with that but I would like to see others in the city on the music or business side of it to get more active, me included.

We appreciate the time is there any last words for the people, anything you want them to know about you?

No problem man whatever you need from me I got you definitely support the movement much success to you and the magazine. Yea, I feel like Charlotte geographically and musically is the last city out the south to get on in this music industry. We have alot of potential but we have yet to unlock it and show the world what we have to offer. I feel like if the artist take their craft more serious, and these producers and promoters would take the artist more seriously we could make alot more noise than we are making. There is no better time than now, that’s  why I’m here right now.

One last thing any advice for the kids? If a kid was here right now and told you, you’re his role model what’s 4 things you would tell him about life

 I would tell he or she first to find God, KNOW what you want to do and accomplish, Put the work in dont be lazy, and Be fearless

Great words from Passport Shawty, y’all make sure to follow him and keep up with the movement. Until next time ladies and gents. I’ll holla

P.S if you know somebody who you think needs the spotlight sent their story to



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