30 for 30 Love & Basketball

I want to start this one off by wishing Aikane Burnell a happy 30th birthday. Aikane is part owner of Stoopid Genius, with his Soon to be wife Passion Phillips, who’s also an exceptionally great event planner might I add. Stoopid Genius is a lifestyle brand that represents all individuals who color outside the lines. You make your own cool Let’s find out a little … Continue reading 30 for 30 Love & Basketball


Elevator Jay a southernplayalistic styled rapper from Charlotte, NC JUST dropped his new EP entitled ” SLURRED IN MECKLENBURG”. Elevator is truly standing out in Charlotte in a league of his own. He reminds me of the OutKast, Attic Crew, Organized Noise and Goodie Mob. With a vicious wordplay, and southern twang in his music Elevator plan on giving you the ups and downs of … Continue reading SLURRED IN MECKLENBURG 

Dear Gabby & Simone

You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re powerful, and you’re amazing. Keep being GREAT, keep being an inspiration, and most important keep GOD FIRST. You’re leaders, you’re role models, you’re faces of every young kid in America who have goals and dreams of one day doing exactly what they want to do in life. They’re going to laugh at you, talk bad about you, make fun of … Continue reading Dear Gabby & Simone