30 for 30 Love & Basketball

I want to start this one off by wishing Aikane Burnell a happy 30th birthday. Aikane is part owner of Stoopid Genius, with his Soon to be wife Passion Phillips, who’s also an exceptionally great event planner might I add.
Stoopid Genius is a lifestyle brand that represents all individuals who color outside the lines. You make your own cool

Let’s find out a little bit more about them, family, love, dedication, and the in’s and out’s of working with your spouse. So you and your fiancé work together how is that?

Photography by Aurelius Creates http://www.visualsbyaurelius.com

It’s easy…I honestly don’t call her my best friend for no reason. Her Ideas are dope….that makes me hyped to either come harder with another idea or build on hers. We share a passion for creativity and I think that’s what drives not only our relationship but our business.


It’s easier than any other job I have done. He gets me… if I can’t find the words to explain my vision, he always know how to bring it to life and vice versa. We both have different talents (him drawing me digital design) that when put together makes perfection.

What’s exactly is it you do?


For Stoopid Genius, my major contribution is sharing ideas and drawing the actual designs. She’s the pro at everything after lol, she’s taught me a lot in “graphic designs” within Adobe. I’m still getting used to it and I always ask a thousand questions. But those drawings dope though!!! I’m big on perfection and quality of our products, so I’m always searching for the right material to complement our designs as well, if we’re not satisfied we won’t expect our customer base to be.

In a creative industry there’s always bumping heads door ideas, so you guys ever disagree?

She understands that, if I think a design or a concept is “Cool” that means I’m not that thrilled about it, but if my response is “Dope” then I’m on board. I will say I can’t remember a time where we actually disagreed though….we are good at strategically mapping things out, we bounce ideas off each other a lot and no matter what we try to elevate each other’s idea. Oh, there was an instance where I wanted to contribute a design for the #BlackLivesMatter movement, but even though the concept was dope, it wasn’t the best representation for what our Brand stands for.


I can take pride in saying that we haven’t had our first business disagreement. Anytime someone has an idea, we come to common ground on the concept. Then we have times when we both can contribute our own idea.

How hard is being full time parents and entrepreneurs?

 Being a Full-time parent is exactly that, FULL TIME. With our business starting up around the same time she was pregnant and ready to pop, it was a gift and curse. I say gift because she was able to use her time away from work to help build a foundation for the brand. She really went hard, she’s the “go getter” and I’m pretty chill, you know too cool for my own good sometimes. After our son was born, it was hard to get a good rhythm or schedule, but we made it work and put out some pretty dope items.


Doing both full time is both very hard and very fulfilling. You adapt and learn how to take advantage of your kids nap times, when they are playing, and when they are put down for the night. Routine is key. Without it I don’t think we could be successful.

I have to ask, who’s the better basketball player?


Me, point blank period. I’m like the playground legend who never made it to the League, but she played College ball so in my head that holds a lot of weight. So technically, she’s got more to brag about to the kids when they grow up, but if you want a definite answer we can lace them up right now and see!


smirks at Aikane’s reply* Listen, I’m not saying I scored on him during our engagement photoshoot. I’m just saying we got a pic of what looks like me shooting a jumper over him (and yes it went in). but I’m going to sip this tea

I know you guys are at odd’s In sports who’s a fan of what team?


I think if we weren’t both Cowboys fans, we might not be together. No seriously, I get mad when watching them lose and she does too. For one…that means we are true fans because we are emotionally connected to them and for two….there would be so many fights in the house if I was a fan of another team, especially if it was a Winning team. As far a basketball ball goes, he is a LeBron James fan and she is a Dwyane Wade fan, but I think in general we’re both fans of the game. P.S.: We HATE redskin, dook, and laker fans J (Respect to Mamba though).


Do you consider yourself a power couple?


 “Power Couple”?, I don’t really know the definition of a “Power Couple”, but when I relate that to a picture, It’ll probably be like a “Barack and Michelle” a “Jay-z and Beyoncé” do I dare say “Kanye and Kim” but that’s who I think of when I say “Power Couple”. The first thing I think about is money though and with that in mind, I don’t think we are a “Power Couple”. We don’t have all the money in the world, we don’t have the biggest house on the block, nor drive the fanciest cars. What I will say is we are a True Couple, a couple who fights, argues, cries (she do the crying) and learns together. But at the end of the day the love I have for this woman is endless and the fact that we have started a business from scratch, the fact that we are providing a pretty good life/lifestyle for our kids and at the same time able to enjoy our lives as one, I consider us a Couple others can be inspired by or want to emulate. Power Couple, NO, Dope Ass Couple, YES


 Based off my interpretation of what a power couple is I would have to say yes we are. Power to me, is not about money. Power is in strength. My weaknesses are his strengths, and vice versa. We are equals, we both bring a lot to the table. Power is in happiness. We are genuinely happy, to the point that pure strangers love us and our bond having never met us. I truly believe you can look at our relationship and be inspired. To see real genuine people. Not famous, not rich, everyday people who make the most of life and are comfortable sharing their love and story with the world. Those are real #relationshipgoals. We can conquer the world together and no one and nothing can take away that mindset.


What advice would you give up and coming entrepreneurs?


The only advice I would have to someone who wanted to start a business is to be true to who you are and follow through with your vision. The most rewarding part is the process; I love to come up with an idea, put that idea on paper, get it to a computer and finally on a shirt. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to have your own creative idea embraced by others.


 My advice for up and coming entrepreneurs and even those who are sitting at a desk on a job which you have no passion for, DON’T BE AFRAID TO FAIL. People are so afraid to fail that they won’t even take a chance. I have been there, and I don’t have any regrets. Your failings are learning tools. Take from it so when you bounce back you will be better than before. And one last thing… no one will tell you this but…there is nothing “original” anymore! Just put your own swag to it!

What’s goals have you guys set for yourselves?

The number one goal is to create a product that represent us, to put something on a t-shirt that the customer knows and is proud to say “Oh this…this is a Stoopid Genius shirt!” If we do that and we can do it consistently the revenue will speak for itself.

Any role models you guys have? Who Inspire you?


 Role models as far as the clothing line industry, I don’t really have a particular role model. I just like fashion, I love to see different trends old and new. As far as who inspires me, my partner in crime inspires me, to see her go hard for the business, to have her come up with dope ideas…that’s inspiration, inspiration for me to be on the same level of grind and even try to come harder at times.


 I don’t really have a fashion role model. But I will say if I had to pick a celeb to say inspires my own style it would have to be Teyana Taylor. She is the epitome of Me. Business role model would Beyonce (well her and her business crew). Her business savvy is FIERCE. Marketing and Impact on the industry it above anyone! Every time she come, it’s always better than before. First dropping an album with absolutely no promo. To the whole album in visuals on HBO, and made HBO free so everyone could watch it! That’s a BOSS.

What’s the best and worst part about working with your mate?


The worst is that it’s your mate, when it’s not a great vibe between us, shirts still have to get done. The best is the fact that she is somehow in my brain sometimes and knows exactly what I envision or think. When people say they are on the same page, we are truly on the same page about 99% of our designs

If you could buy or make your partner one gift to show your appreciation what would it be?


 Whew, now I have to come up with the perfect answer, that’s a lot of pressure on me. To show her how much I appreciate her, I would pay for her to get certified at Event Planning. Sounds weird.not necessarily a material thing or the most romantic thing, but she was bred to be an Event Planner and I see how happy it makes her when something she put together is a success. Now imagine this, if she’s that happy, the person/person’s she doing the event for will be 10X as ecstatic.


Oh that’s an easy one. 2 tickets. AT&T Stadium. Cowboys vs. Redskins. Thanksgiving game.

5 years from now where do you guys see your empire?

2021, Stoopid Genius will be a brand that has taken over the state of North Carolina and spread throughout the United States. Small victories are what we expect. We want kids to want to rock our clothes on the first day of school, you know the outfit that you lay out on the bed because you know your classmates just aren’t ready. We would like to have an actual physical shop set up as well, expand from only online content.

I would like to thank Aikane & Passion for taking the time to be with me, I wish them nothing but the best. Good luck and invite me to the wedding.
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Until next time, stay dope



Well here we are again, I know it’s been over a week I’m sorry that’s my bad. Lol ok but check it we have another beauty of the week. Ms. Toni. Let’s find out a little more about her shall we?

Name: Toni

Age: 22

Dream occupation: Stewardess

What are your Hobbies?


What’s your Favorite song that describes you?

Doe B “She a winner”

Who is your Celeb Crush?


What’s your Favorite Quote?

  “They always dying to mention me “

Why do you love Charlotte?

It’s home

Are you Single or taken?


What are 3 things that’s in your purse at all times?

Money, a check, and these coins

What do men do that gets on your nerves?

Lie, and beat around the bush

What are your favorite places to eat in Charlotte?

Chimas, and Bojangles

What are some of your secret talents?

I’m an expert marksman & I can count Money backwards

What are your favorite colors?

My favorite colors are purple and white

Do you have any favorite tv shows?

Forensic files & criminal minds

Any fears?

I am deathly afraid of mascots, and clowns

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Elevator Jay a southernplayalistic styled rapper from Charlotte, NC JUST dropped his new EP entitled ” SLURRED IN MECKLENBURG”. Elevator is truly standing out in Charlotte in a league of his own. He reminds me of the OutKast, Attic Crew, Organized Noise and Goodie Mob. With a vicious wordplay, and southern twang in his music Elevator plan on giving you the ups and downs of life in his music, hense the name elevator  check out his latest work ” Slurred In MECKLENBURG” on  Elevator Jay 


Today in Charlotte, NC at Snug Harbor there was a Squirt Day party. One of the best parties I ever been to. The party was brought to you by Permanent Vacation & Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Imagine one big water fight with, drinks and music.

Everybody just enjoying themselves, squirting each other, dancing, and just vibing to a dope environment. In attendance were three dope artist who each performed and put on a great show.

Tange LomaxRapper Shane Elevator JayAnd Three Six Mafia’s own Project Pat.

Can’t forget about the Dj’s. AHUF, STRTR, & J OVERCASH. The scene was dope, the music was dope, the people was dope. Today was a good day. I am definitely ready for the next event. 

Check out a little recap from today’s dopeness. It was definitely #PlayerMade

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Dear Gabby & Simone

You’re beautiful, you’re talented, you’re powerful, and you’re amazing. Keep being GREAT, keep being an inspiration, and most important keep GOD FIRST. You’re leaders, you’re role models, you’re faces of every young kid in America who have goals and dreams of one day doing exactly what they want to do in life.

They’re going to laugh at you, talk bad about you, make fun of you. But you’re winning, you’re inspiring , and your are making America GREAT. Tell tem don’t worry about your hair, your hair is not winning medals, your hair is not taking care of your family, your hair is not achieving goals and making everybody proud of you.

So let them talk, let them hate, keep doing you, and being the best you can be. It’s sad our OWN are the main ones talking but ask them, what are YOU doing?

So from Charlotte, NC we salute you. Stay Dope Young Queens!!


Soul Survivor

Self-inflicted wounds crying out for help but to who..?
No father, No Mother, No Brother, Yeah they are all living but they cease to exist to me.
So much hurt and anger and pain and resentment towards My 3 Angels for leaving me.

I want to scream out to them and ask them “don’t you see what you’ve done to me? Don’t you care that you’ve left me alone?”

Steady crying out for help but to who..?
Growing up I always had lots of friends and family! Surrounded by Everyone all the time was the greatest feeling ever. But I was envious of the Love everyone shared with one another. I always felt like an outcast. Alone. Filled with so much pain and darkness but in my heart I always knew I would be an inspiration to people. I didn’t know i would have to literally go thru HELL to do it.

For a long time All i had was Gina, and my bestfriend Drena.

Thanksgiving 2004 we cooked and visited family. On

11/27/2004, We went out. I didn’t want to go and neither did Unique(Deena’s gf) but Gina and Drena did. So we drove to Greensboro to a new club. It’s only like 1 hour 30 minutes away.

Everything was going wrong n i wanted to go home.

Drena and Gina were drinking and Everyone who knows Me Knows i hate how people get Mean n crazy when they drink so i was upset with the both of them and ready to leave.

I asked Unique if she wanted Me to drive because she had drove up the highway and I told her if she was tired i would drive but she said No and she wasn’t tired so she would drive,

i guess i should have just said give Me the keys instead of asking but there’s Alot you’ll think of changing once you look back on things if only i had Known then what i Know Now.


We left the club at 1:15am.

Stopped at McDonalds then got on the highway. Unique was driving. I asked her did she want me to drive home since she drove up. She said No!, But We were 20 minutes from home when i woke up trapped in a burning car. I was confused. Thought i was dreaming. Unique was literally black n blue n stiff. Sitting straight up still clenching the steering wheel. Dead…

Drena was dead,Somehow in the spot where I was sitting before the accident, couldn’t understand how i ended up in the passenger seat and how my BESTFRIEND ended up in the back sitting where i once was. Something had come through the window n she was pinned down and her dreads, that were once long, were Now gone. They looked so short, She was so Lifeless, I wanted her To get up and Smile n say it’s OK Teena Bug but she was Dead.

I don’t remember the crash, I don’t even remember falling asleep, I just remember hearing a soft yet EXTREMELY LOUD WHISPER FROM WITHIN calling My Name and that woke Me up to My own personal Hell on Earth, Pure Torture.

Gina looked like she was sleeping. Her head was leaning on the burning window… A smell i’ll Never forget.. And a sound i’ll Never forget.

I punched the windshield til i finally got it to crack then i kicked a hole in it. I was scared to get out. Didn’t want to leave them. I begged them to get up. I Repeatedly yelled at them to please wake up or we’re going to burn to Death. Apart of Me kept saying this Can’t be happening for real! How? Why? What happened? What is going on? But i kept yelling “Y’all please! I made a way for Us to get out! Please y’all.. .we’re going to burn to Death and I said God please i can’t get out by myself then suddenly Gina jumped up n told me to go. She Never opened her eyes, Like she was up yelling at Me telling me I had to go but she Never opened her eyes. She kept saying “Teena you have to go! Get out! You have to go Teena!” i was confused as to how she was up but her eyes gone, I told her to come on n go get help with Me she kept insisting that i had to leave.

So i climbed thru the broken windshield, It was the most awful feeling ever, Hot, melted, sharp, sticky glass cutting against my skin. I climbed through and jumped out.

I was running thru the woods screaming for help. Gina didn’t follow me tho. She walked directly into the fire… Once i saw her apart of the blaze i was Emotionally dead. I dropped to the ground, the fire was taking over my body. A woman i had been begging to help us was just watching, i was giving up,this was so Surreal!

I tried to save them but i couldn’t. I can Never express in words how badly I tried to save them. I didn’t care about myself I kept praying for them n screaming for help but people were just looking at Me burning, Nobody would help Me, Nobody would help them.

I was burning, Burning, and watching them burn to death.

A few men ran down and as i reached my hand out to them they ran away! I was raised to always help people so i couldn’t understand why these people were watching us burn to death and wouldnt even help us. Standing there watching us. Again, i couldn’t cry! I was looking at My bones and the fire taking over my body and i was giving up. As soon as i laid back and said LORD i cant fight anymore so please just Take me now, i heard a voice yelling for Me to roll uphill to him!

My ANGEL Mr. Williams ran down and saved Me… He tried to get them but he couldn’t so he held me… I sat there looking at my bones and watching the car explode with them exploding with it…

I couldn’t cry,

I just kept reaching for them.

I suffer with 53% Third Degree Burns

I spent months in the hospital then rehab learning to walk, talk, eat again. Later i found out Unique was drunk, didn’t know. They have us down as statistics… We were more than that, She made a mistake, a deadly mistake. DRINKING N DRIVING IS DEADLY!!!

I later learned from Unique’s BESTFRIEND that they Often got drunk and drove to different clubs n fell asleep trying to drive home, that Hurt ME and infuriated Me so badly.. If only We hadn’t gone out Why Me when i hate alcohol? Why make the choice to Drink n Drive? Why Not give Me a choice because i wasn’t around her to know her n her friends did this regularly so why did i have to Hurt and Lose so much? Why the One time i decide to go with her did we end up crashing n burning? Soooo Many questions ! Soooo much Pain and Suffering!

i Now advocate against drunk driving as well as advocating for folks who feel less than Beautiful! Everyone needs to KNOW that YOU DEFINE BEAUTY!!!

There is No such thing as Normal. People can be cruel when others dont look how they Think people should look but i hold my head high and flaunt every scar because i DEFINE BEAUTY and i fought hard to Survive!!! i’ll Never hide!!

Love Yourself!!!

Love the LORD!!!






I was at work talking about my favorite albums to date. Now there are a whole lot that I can name, but I’m going to just name a few, because we could be here all day.

1. Mac – Shell Shocked

Now I grew up on No Limit, Master P is actually one of my role models. This album here is a No Limit CLASSIC. Mac was one if not the best artist on No Limit. Songs as ” slow your role” a street story teller about a young guy headed down the wrong path, ” My Brother” where he express himself to his brothers & friends. Also “calling me” a hood love story. If you haven’t heard this album please go listen. 

2 Lyfe Jennings – Lyfe 268-192

This album here!!!!!! Man this that ” I’ve been going through a lot so let me listen to this album and cry my pain out and feel better ” music. Songs like ” CRY”, ” 26 years 17 days”, ” stick up kid” and ” made up my mind” Lyfe really spoke for the struggle in this song, his life in one album. He tells you about before prison after prison etc. The industry needs THIS Lyfe back.

3 Tupac – All Eyez On Me

If this album not in your top 5,10,15 anything then I don’t know what to tell you. I really wish PAC was still here, his music NEVER gets old. THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME 

4 Nelly – Country Grammar 

Didn’t this album go Diamond?. When this first dropped everybody I know was wearing headband and jerseys to school. He changed the game with this. He still acting off this album this definitely a classic. His sound was a little weird at first lol but it grew on me and became one of my fav artist in his prime 

5. Ti – I’m serious 

Before Jeezy , before Gucci mane, before your favorite trap rapper it’s was TIP. I’m serious was the introduction to the trap. , The streets, the king of the south. Tip came out RAW with this one. Although it’s one of the most slept on albums it’s def a southern classic. Very underrated album. 
This just 5 of my favorites be on the lookout for my R&B list. What are some of your favorite albums???? Leave us some comments, and let’s see what your listening to. Follow us on Instagram: @easymagclt

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