If you know me, you know that I’ve been trying to eat healthier and workout. Just trying to better myself physically and mentally because hey I’m 30 now so it’s time to take care of the temple.

So today as I was in midtown Charlotte just enjoying the day walking around I was looking for a place for lunch. The metropolitan area as numerous places to shop and eat. One place in particular that caught my eye was Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I’ve seen a lot of my friends post their food on Instagram and snapchat so I just had to get a peek for myself.

First off the customer service was great the young ladies were so generous so that’s always a plus when it comes to making sure the customer feels welcome.

Secondly it was clean. Very clean might I add, so of course it made customer fee comfortable. So this being my first time I didn’t know what to order so the lady at the register told me take my time. The first thing that caught my eye was Watermelon mojito smoothie. Which is only for a limited time so I have to go back and get another lol. It was GREAT very refreshing. It was an exhilarating blend of watermelon, strawberry, lime and mint. I usually don’t go for drinks with mint in them but this time I made the right choice. Tasting every ingredient in each sip. You know how when you haven’t had anything to drink in a while and it just cool down your whole body? Yes I got that a few times, lol So I give the smoothie two thumbs up.

With the smoothie I ordered the Thai chicken wrap. And yes that choice was also a great one. The wrap itself was great nice and just the right amount of crisp to coincide with the crispy crunch veggies. With just enough sauce to make each bite sensational. Great tasting chicken with just the right amount of kick with the chili sauce and saracha aioli dressing. And a fresh cup of fruit on the side which made the lunch complete.

 Tropical Smoothie Cafe 1111 Metropolitian Ave #100 Charlotte, NC


Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

Sun 10am-7pm



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