Rapper VvG aka Verbal van Gogh from the Eastside of Charlotte, is a talented up-and-coming artist. With his lyrical wordplay, witty punchlines, multiple flows and unique swagger, he is able to set his self apart from other aspiring artists. Under his own label, Currency Cartel Ent., VvG hopes to change the landscape of the music game one step at a time.

 How did you come up with the name VVG?

It stands for Verbal van Gogh and it just started as one of my nicknames when i was Fre$h so i just ran with it when it was time for a change because fans had heard me say it before. I’m also a big fan of Vincent van Gogh the artist, so i consider myself the rap version of him.

 In a world full of trap music how do you stay in your own lane?

Easy, be well-rounded. I’ve written and recorded a lot of different types of music for myself and others. When you box yourself in you’re gonna lose. Actually my new project, KING T.U.T is my spin on trap music. 

Coming from Charlotte how would you judge the art scene?

Everything is in place for us to be a major scene, only thing missing is support. That’s the one thing i notice when i perform in other cities, is the support.

 In every interview they ask rappers who would the love to work with but its always celebs, what artist in Charlotte would you want to work with?

I got tracks with everybody so I’ve pretty much worked with everybody who i wanted to in da city except JayWay and the Harvey Cummings Project

How would you describe your style?

I don’t consider myself to have a certain style. In the music game, u gotta keep it fresh because people will hear something hot and bite. Contrary to popular belief, underground artists get bit the most, so i keep it fresh. I go wherever the beat takes me. I could be trap, conscious, a ladies man and fly all on the same verse, just depends.

Who are you a fan of in the city?

The ones who really put the work in. In the internet age its a lot of niggas in the way. U got people who rap to be cool or to try to make money or whatever and then you got ARTISTS. Charlotte only got a handful of true artists and i go out my way to connect with them. Another thing people in Charlotte gotta understand is that you can be a fan without comprising your own movement.

  Not only do you rap but your do art as well how do you balance rap and graphics?

Easy, both are something that comes to me very easy so its never really a balancing act. Its nothing to be in the studio doing graphics while creating a song at the same time so yea, easy.

where can the people get in touch with you?

Twitter or Snapchat probably the easiest ways to directly get to me – @VvG704 if its booking then: lifesworkmanagement@gmail.com

 When it’s all said and done what do you want the world to know about VVG?

That this lil black boy from the Eastside of Charlotte brought REAL RAP back. Not that watered down shit

Where can we hear your latest music?

My new album KING T.U.T just dropped. You can cop it on VvG.us, Apple Music, Tidal or GooglePlay. 

Follow VVG on social media @vvg704 

Check his latest video ” EVER NEEDED” 

Directed + SHOTxLOTT



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