Aight so listen, Charlotte social media has been going nuts over Peter, you know who Peter is don’t you? Peter. Darkskin Peter from housewives of Atlanta…. Man you know Peter PETEEEER, Cynthia husband, ok nevermind anyway so during his interview on The Breakfast Club he said 

I’m the king of Charlotte right now 



What has he done to be the king of Charlotte? If you know like I know charlotteans aren’t to fund of outsiders. Just ask the handful of celebs who’ve encountered a few of charlottes finest.

Charlemagne The God brought up Adolph Shivers name. Now I can say this Adolph been in the club game for over 20 years. 20 years. And it’s way better establishments than sports one lol. Peter just got here lol. Adolph is on vacation at the moment I guess that’s why Peter said right now. Lol 

They say he got 3 spots here I only heard of one never been but heard not so many good things about it. But to be the king of the city you have to do more than just open a bar in downtown Charlotte. What has he done for the city? Has he gave back? Has he helped? What is he doing for Charlotte?. Anyway doe ( Kat stacks voice)  

Let’s see what Charlotte has to say about him being the king

LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Beauty of the week

Ok so check it, I wanted to try this Beauty of the week thing out. It’s a lot of beautiful, positive & ambitious women in Charlotte of all races, & sizes. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 So for my first we have Ms. Ciara Sanders.

Ciara is a 29 year old Aquarius from Charlotte, who enjoys long walks on the beach lol nah just playing lol. But she does enjoy acting, traveling , excerising, & modeling. She also loves fashion,volunteering , going to the movies , shopping, and spending time with family and friends. 

 When asked what’s her dream occupation she replied ” be my own boss”.  Her favorite movie is ” Meet The Parents”. Her favorite music artist is Jay Z.

If I ruled the world the first thing I would change is the judicial system

 If I could go On a date anyway in the world I would go to Bermuda, and we would just enjoy the good food, gorgeous beach and scenery. 


To learn more about this beauty follow her on social media 

Instagram: @therealciara_1

Facebook: Ciara Sanders

Twitter: @therealciara_1

Crowning Beauty Queens

Easy Magazine wants to take this time to give a special Birthday shoutout to Ms. Brittany Lockhart. Also known as Beauty By Bee. 

Brittany is a funny, humble, down to earth, talented, and special individual.

From Charlotte Brittany loves doing hair, she loves making females feel great about themselves, and making them feel beautiful. Brittany has been doing hair for years and just loves every minute of it.

She’s a very goal driven woman with ambition. Although coming into obstacles along her way to success she never gives up, she prays, and continues to reach her goals, and make her mom proud. And I think she’s doing a great job at it. 

She specializes in Bond- Ins, sew ins, and natural hair care.
Deposit is required to book an appointment.

Follow her on social media

Instagram: @beautyby__bee 
Facebook: Ramona Brittany

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Much love to you Brittany keep up the good work. 


If you know me, you know that I’ve been trying to eat healthier and workout. Just trying to better myself physically and mentally because hey I’m 30 now so it’s time to take care of the temple.

So today as I was in midtown Charlotte just enjoying the day walking around I was looking for a place for lunch. The metropolitan area as numerous places to shop and eat. One place in particular that caught my eye was Tropical Smoothie Cafe. I’ve seen a lot of my friends post their food on Instagram and snapchat so I just had to get a peek for myself.

First off the customer service was great the young ladies were so generous so that’s always a plus when it comes to making sure the customer feels welcome.

Secondly it was clean. Very clean might I add, so of course it made customer fee comfortable. So this being my first time I didn’t know what to order so the lady at the register told me take my time. The first thing that caught my eye was Watermelon mojito smoothie. Which is only for a limited time so I have to go back and get another lol. It was GREAT very refreshing. It was an exhilarating blend of watermelon, strawberry, lime and mint. I usually don’t go for drinks with mint in them but this time I made the right choice. Tasting every ingredient in each sip. You know how when you haven’t had anything to drink in a while and it just cool down your whole body? Yes I got that a few times, lol So I give the smoothie two thumbs up.

With the smoothie I ordered the Thai chicken wrap. And yes that choice was also a great one. The wrap itself was great nice and just the right amount of crisp to coincide with the crispy crunch veggies. With just enough sauce to make each bite sensational. Great tasting chicken with just the right amount of kick with the chili sauce and saracha aioli dressing. And a fresh cup of fruit on the side which made the lunch complete.

 Tropical Smoothie Cafe 1111 Metropolitian Ave #100 Charlotte, NC


Mon-Sat 8am-9pm

Sun 10am-7pm


Well let’s start today’s WCW edition off with the beautiful and talented Nadia’ Sade’. Singer, songwriter, dancer , foodie,and I’m sure after today she’ll be your woman crush. Lol
Let’s get to know Nadia Sade’ shall we?

So Nadia Sade’how are you? Lol

Β I’m excellent how about yourself?

I’m great, thanks for asking. So how did this come about I’m sure you been a fan of music your whole life like most of us, what’s that one moment in music that made you say ” I want to do this as well”

Β The moment I realized I’m more than just a consumer of music was my 5th grade year I got on the music Committee and wrote and composed every song on the play we created.

Who are some of your influences?

Some of my influences are John legend, Lauren hill, and Aaliyah. As far as creating Neyo, Keri hilson, missy Elliot and

You sing, dance, write etc. what something you do that maybe nobody knows about? Any secret talents?

Β I cook very well. My mom & dad a very strong cookers. I actually wish I would’ve went to culinary arts school.

When it comes to chasing dreams we all have one word of advice that we repeat in our heads constantly what are those words and who said it to you?

My words of encouragement are greatness takes time so be patient. My journey is unique and even the ones who became great got a million no’s before they got that one yes and that’s all that matters. Keep moving forward.

In a industry where it’s hard to really get support from your peers how do you stay level headed and keep pushing?

I just believe in myself and pray about it. Everyday I get better and even though it’s a lonely journey it’s also a great one. I Just have to believe that everything will fall into place when it’s time.

Ok so I’m sure the fellas want to know are you single? Or am I being nosey?

Β I am single. I’m dating which is the fun process but no ring on the finger. Good guys are scarce these days…..oh and you’re Β being nosey lol

What are 3 things that a Nadi Girl should leave the house with daily?

Β 3 things I must have are my cell phone fully charged hopefully, my debit card (got to have the coins) and probably 10 lipsticks just incase I change my mind πŸ™‚

I’ve heard R&B and POP from you.. Can you spit tho? U got bars?

I mean I do have them bars if the opportunity presents itself I’d write a rap for someone or spit barzzzzzz on a track lol

They say big things come in small packages what would you say is your biggest attribute?

My personality is my biggest attribute. It’s huge. Most people don’t realize how goofy and down to earth I am. Once they do they want to be life long friends lol.

If not music what would be nadia Sade’s dream job? Career ???

Β I would definitely be a traveling chef. I swear I’d love to work for Diner, Dives and Drive ins TRIPLE D. I’m such a foodie.

Where can the people follow you?

People can follow me on Instagram: nadi_girl Snap chat: nadigal or just stop by my website Www.iamnadiasade.comto catch up on everything

You have a few tracks on iTunes as well correct?

That is totally correct as well as more will be on there soon. Slide on by


Last but not least what’s something that you want the world to remember you by?

I want the world to remember me by two things….1. My creativity and 2. My drive.

Well there you have it. We got to know a little bit about Nadia Sade’. Follow her to know more, support the music on iTunes. I can’t wait to see what’s next. Stay tuned to next weeks Crush.